The Service

It’s generally quite difficult for foreign students to get accommodation due to shortage in housing in France. In most cases, landlords ask for solid guarantors and demand an exorbitant security deposit. 
L'auberge will make life much easier for you.

The main benefits of our services are:

1-High Quality Housing


3-Low Rates

4-Ideal Housemates

5-Legal and Financial Independence


High Quality Housing

Our apartments are located in convenient, safe and pleasant surroundings. They are specially adapted for house sharing : They are spacious, well furnishedfurnished and fully equippedSituated in the city centre, they are close to public transport and shopping facilities. Each housemate has a separate room which enables quality living.



Advance booking of an apartment for a period adapted to their stay in Toulouse. Since our apartments are furnished, you only need to unpack your bags when you get there, everything else is ready. 


Low Rates

Our rates range from 350 € to 500 € per month which includes rent of the apartment, rent of furniture, housing insurance (excluding utility bills and before rent rebate). All students are eligible to rent rebate from la caisse des allocations familiales (CAF), subject to fulfilling the necessary conditions.
House sharing also allows you to save on utility bills; electricity, telephone, internet, magazines, …

Ideal Housemates

Our house-mates are of diverse nationalities and have different cultural backgrounds. They are generally students and young professionals.
L'auberge enables you to experience a deeper immersion into the culture than you would in a dorm or campus apartment.


Legal and Financial Independence

Unlike in traditional house sharing where housemates sub let or co-let the apartment, l’Auberge makes a personalized contract with each housemate.

In France, the lease contract usually has the names of all the tenants who have joint responsibility. This implies that in case of the departure of a housemate, the other tenants are obliged to pay his/her share of rent or find a replacement. 
It often happens that a tenant will offer a sublet without wanting to change the contract. This can be an easy solution but be aware you could be chucked out at any time! 
L’auberge offers houseshare/flatshare services specifically designed for students, French and international, living in Toulouse. This guarantees each housemate’s legal and financial independence. You will not under any circumstances be liable for your housemate’s misdeeds, be they damage in their rooms or unpaid rent.