Getting good quality housing at a reasonable rate is the biggest challenge for students. There are several options open to students in terms of housing in Toulouse:

1- What do students have to say about housing in Toulouse?

University Halls of residence 
Studio Flats
House share/Flatshare

2- Why is l'Auberge different from traditional House share or flat share?




What do students have to say about housing in Toulouse?

University Halls of residence

"Rooms in university residences in France are small, efficient and simple, with all the facilities students need. The waiting list is long. There is much a bigger demand than offer. If you don’t book very early, you probably won’t have a chance."
Jeanne, 22 Residence Les Estudines.


Studio Flats

"When I got accepted to Toulouse Sup de Co, I decided to rent a studio. I soon realized there was not much choice. Studios are quite hard to find, since there are so many students and professionals aiming for them. And as I discovered after, it’s also a more expensive choice." 
Victor, 19 years ESC Toulouse


House share/Flatshare

Without doubt House or flat sharing is most students' favoured option. 

"For me sharing an apartment was an obvious choice. The advantages are endless; sharing expenses, meeting new people, bigger apartments; And being away from family is the best way to never feel lonely." 
Alexandra, 25 years old Airbus

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Why is l'Auberge different from traditional House share or flat share?

L’auberge Toulouse Formula

Traditional House or flat sharing

Individual responsibility: 
You are only liable to pay for your own rent. Utility expenses are however shared equally among the flatmates.

Joint responsibility: 
Tenants are liable to pay for any unpaid rent or damage caused by a tenant.

Rent rebate*: 
Each student who satisfies the necessary conditions receives individual rent rebate.

Rent rebate* under conditions: 
In order to qualify for a rent rebate, two students living in a shared house or flat have to be of the same sex, otherwise you are considered to be living as a couple.

Flexible clause of solidarity: 
L’auberge is aware of students’ need of flexibility in their schedules. Students can adjust the rental duration after informing l’auberge at least a month in advance.

Strict clause of solidarity: 
In case of the departure of a cotenant, the other tenants are obliged to pay his/her share of rent or find a replacement.
If a tenant leaves before the end of the period stipulated in the rent contract, he or she is liable to pay the rent for the remaining duration.


*Students can benefit from a special social security reimbursement (the “Allocation Logement à caractère social”, ALS) which covers a part of the rent. It’s attributed by the social security organism “Caisse d’Allocations Familiales” (CAF) and starts from the second month of rent payment