Sharing houses or flats in France is not as developed as in the other European countries like the UK or Germany. It’s nonetheless becoming a popular form of housing amongst students and young professionals when they come to settle down in a city. 

Let's check it out :

  • It's a good solution in terms of value for money;
  • you live in a better location and have more living space than you would in a studio flat or a pokey attic room with huge rent ;
  • It’s also an excellent way to break a lonely lifeextend your social life and improve your language skills.

 is the first company specialized in house sharing and flat sharing, in Toulouse, which offers a housing package adapted to students’ needs.

L’auberge has simplified access to housing for students in Toulouse. Our flats are specifically designed for flatshare and we offerindividualized lease contracts. Thanks to l’auberge, you are going to benefit from the conviviality of sharing a house or a flat without going through the usual administrative and juridical hassle involved in house or flat sharing (common lease, joint responsibility...etc).

With l'auberge, you'll experience a deeper immersion into the culture than you would in a dorm or campus apartment.